New Students Registration 

  • Please use the link to register student on the following link
  • You will get the following screen answer based on whether you have a CTA login and whether you already have a kid registered in the past in CTA.
  • Follow through the forms and fill in details
  • Please make sure that you select 'Aylesbury Tamil Padasalai' for the school site in the top section when you come to the student registration screen.
  • Please enter dates in mm/dd/yyyy if you are manually entering it
  • Please don’t enter postcode since it doesn’t accept characters. So, please enter some numbers like 100 in it.
  • For city where it is drop down please select UK-OTHER
  • And fill in the bottom section as below... NOTE : City is UK-Aylesbury 

NOTE: Please fill the Public school type first. Some defects there faced by few parents last year whenever you change Public school type whatever you have filled in public school name column becomes blank.

  • And then follow through the screens.
  • You have to agree to terms and conditions
  • Agree to the 2 CTA rules and regulations screens by keying in your Name at Parenmt Guardians' name. If the kid's name is not filled please fill in this form. It has to exactly match how you have registered the kid on the first screen.
  • Pay in person would have been selected on the last screen else select it. Please note we don't accept by post as the address is the rented school's address. NOTE: Fees are accepted only through bank online payment only. payment details are in the next section.  
  • Click Submit
  • If you have more than one kid, then please repeat the process for each kid.
  • Once the registration is complete, you’ll get a confirmation mail from CTA.
  • If you have more than one student, then please register the first one and then log in using the details and use ‘Parent Access/Child Registration’ menu to register the siblings.